Friday, May 2, 2008

Andrew's Ark

Andrew's 4-H Presentation was entitled
"Being a Good Citizen in Your Club, Your Community, Your Country and Your World."
My son Andrew has a big heart. He loves people, he loves animals and he loves the Lord! About a year ago he came to me and told me he wanted to buy an "ark" of animals for an impoverished village. After a little investigation, I found he had been reading a catalog from Heifer International. My first reaction was that is a very difficult task, especially for a 9 year old boy! The goal was to raise $5000! However, he was determined. Matthew helped him set up an account and a website through Heifer International. Andrew talked to family, friends and folks at church and invited them to get involved in his project. To date he has raised $1820 towards his goal! When he reaches his $5000 goal, we plan to make a trip to Arkansas to visit the farm where many of the animals are raised. Here is a link to Andrew's Website



Andrew does have such a big heart for others and that is a very worthwhile cause. I have no doubt he will achieve his goal -- and that trip afterwards sounds like something well worth striving for as well!


Bonnie said...

Andrew is a little boy with big dreams for others. He has such a compassionate heart for anyone who seems to be down. We love him for that. Looking forward to helping him in this project. Go, Andrew!

Love, the Frodges