Monday, April 21, 2008

Florida Crackers 4-H

This year I have had the privilege of being the Organizational Leader of the Florida Crackers 4-H Club. All of our members are homeschooled students ranging from age 5 - 18. They are all working on many different projects including horticulture, marine ecology, forest ecology, archery, shot gun, dog, chicken, goat, and swine projects. Club members also participate in public speaking and community service projects. I am very proud of all of them! They work hard and it has been a great joy for me to spend time with such fine young ladies and gentlemen. I know that they are sometimes "less than thrilled" get up in front of everyone to do presentations for the club, but ya'll do such a great job!! :o)

Andrew at the Youth Fair Horticulture Judging Contest.

Our Whip Poppers! Amanda, Kitty, Markie, Matthew, RG, Benny, and Peter.

Matthew, Peter, and Sarah take a break at the Youth Fair Horticulture Judging Contest.


Bonnie said...

As grandparents, we cannot tell you how much your sacrificial efforts as 4-H leader have meant to us on behalf of our grandchildren, Kelly! What a nice group! Bless you for your hard work -- that's what it takes to make opportunities happen for the children. Keep up the good work!

The Frodges

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. S,
I like your blog!
Thank you for remembering to include "swine" for the whole 1 hog that came from our group.



The Miller Family said...

Hey Kelly! Love the blog! We will be visiting it to keep in touch with what the Stevens are doing.


The Discher Family said...

Hi, Stevens Family! Thanks for posting! You are a GREAT leader and we love you!