Monday, September 30, 2013

Way Out West

In honor of my "big birthday" in August and Matthew's graduation from Liberty University this past May, the Stevens Family left the "Sunshine State" and headed west for a grand adventure to Utah, Arizona and Colorado. We flew into Salt Lake City and explored all the way to Denver before heading back to Florida.
First stop Utah!
I could get used to this view!
We took a ride on the chair lift at Sundance Resort.
This is the view from the top!
We hiked the trail on "Y' mountain in Provo. It was very challenging but we all made it to the top!
The view of Utah Lake and Provo at dusk was well worth the hike!
One of my favorite places on earth!

We have visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon several times. We finally made it to the North Rim!
The view was amazing!
Rob doing what he loves to do!
Fall color!
Andrew on top of the world!
The US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

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Sarah Stelzl said...

Wow, what an incredible family vacation, to some beautiful places! Looks like you all had a LOT of fun!