Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Adventure with a Stray Cat

This is how I have been feeling lately

On Wednesday morning I went outside to hang some clothes on the clothesline and left the back door open. A stray cat that had been hanging around wandered into our sun room The poor thing could not find the door to get out and started throwing itself against the windows. It was totally freaked out and being the animal lover that I am, I decided to try help it get out. I grabbed it with a towel thinking it might scratch me, but never even considered that it would bite me...and it bit me HARD!

I dropped the cat, (who some how found the door) and ran into the kitchen to the sink to see what damage was done. I quickly realized the bite was pretty bad and the wound was bleeding a lot! I yelled for help. (Thankfully Rob and Andrew were both here)

Well the Eagle Scout in Rob kicked in, and after he accessed the injury, he decided we needed to make a trip to urgent care. After they cleaned the wound and gave me a tetanus shot and a prescription for antibiotics, I was informed that since it was a stray and had no shots, I had to be treated for rabies. I was not a happy camper!

 Animal Control came to the house, the cat had to be trapped and quarantined for 10 days and I had to start the shots immediately. Arrangements were made with the Health Department and I got 5 shots the first day! Not fun! I have had to go back in for shots every few days and as of right now I have had 8 shots (including the tetanus shot) and have just one more to go...yeah!

What I have learned from this experience...

1) Do not EVER try to catch a freaked out cat.
2) Freaked out cats bite really HARD!
3) Rabies shots make you feel really sick.
5) The folks at the Health Department often get a bad rap...they have been absolutely wonderful!
6) Being married to my Eagle Scout is pretty awesome! :)

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