Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Encourage One Another

This past weekend our family attended a business conference in North Carolina. The conference was wonderful and my husband and oldest son came away from the event with goals and ideas for our surveying business as well a Matthew's future computer business. But, we also came away encouraged in a way we didn't expect. We had the privilege to spend some time with the family who put on the conference as well as those in attendance. The Stelzl Family took care of every little detail and extended hospitality in an incredible way.

Over the course of the weekend, I had some amazing conversations with the some of the young adults. I was so encouraged! These young people have placed their confidence and trust in the Lord. They are mature, capable, confident and a lot of fun!

We also had the opportunity to attend a church service on Sunday morning. I am still amazed that we were over 500 miles from home and yet the sermon was confirmation of a few areas the Lord has been convicting us of.

This weekend the Lord reminded me that...

God's people are everywhere! When you spend time with them their is a connection that comes only through the Holy Spirit. It is so important that we meet together and encourage each other in every area of life.

The Lord's timing is impeccable and amazing. The right people and the right conversations at the right time are all his doing!


Sarah Stelzl said...

Mrs. Stevens,
It was such a blessing to be able to fellowship and spend time getting to know your family over the weekend! I'm so grateful that you and Andrew could come along and see some neat sights in the area. Thank you also for the wonderful blueberry gardening counsel (your husband and son)! I feel like I learned some new things that will be helpful to me in the future!

TMichelle said...

I loved meeting you this weekend as well as the Stelzl's. It was encouraging to speak with you and I hope to run across your path again before too long.

Kelly said...

I enjoyed spending time with you and that sweet baby boy! I hope to see you again soon! :)

HannahGrace said...

This was an encouraging post Mrs. Stevens =) We enjoyed having you and I'm glad us girls had time to chat that last afternoon!