Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday

The Birthday Boy
On January 27th, Andrew Micheal Stevens celebrated his 14th birthday. It just happened that his birthday was on the same day that our family helps with the horticulture auction each year at the Polk County Youth Fair. He was a little disappointed that he would be spending the day working at the fair, but it turned out that Andrew had an incredible day! He was given awards for his Chinese Cabbage and his blueberry plant. He earned 1st place in Horticulture Judging, and made $$$ auctioning his plants! Our good friends the Waldman's made it even more special by surprising him with a birthday party! He had a wonderful day!
Working at the Polk County 4-H Youth Council Booth

Hanging out at the Archery Match

Tri-Color Chinese Cabbage

Andrew's Tri-Color Blueberry Bush

Getting Ready for Horticulture Judging

Parade of Champions!

A surprise party given by our friends the Waldmans!
On Saturday we had a family celebration and enjoyed this awesome cake made by It's a Piece of Cake in Auburndale
They put a edible photo of Andrew sailing on the cake!

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