Monday, January 16, 2012

Christopher Robin Days

 When we started our home business a few years ago, we needed to set up an office space for Rob.  So since I am homeschooling only one child these days, it made sense to convert the school room to his office.  So I have been gradually cleaning "my stuff" out of my former school room. Today as I cleaned out some drawers I found some artwork that my boys had done many years ago. One was a travel log Andrew had done on a trip to Utah. He drew pictures everyday of the places we had gone and the things he had seen. It was fun to see what he thought was exciting as a 7 year old. It was also a little sad to think that I don't have any little guys around here anymore. Andrew (my baby) will be 14 years old in a week or so. He is growing up into such a fine young man, but it seems like just yesterday he was experiencing what I call "Christopher Robin Days", where the 100 Acre Wood came alive with fun and everyday was an adventure.

We now have new adventures around here like ham radios and sailboats. But deep down inside, I just can't help but believe that even big boys never really outgrow the adventures of the Hundred Acre Wood!

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