Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Fun!

Boy, summer sure went fast around here! Here is a little glimpse of what we did for fun!

Summer just isn't summer without Team Tennis! Many hours were spent on the court in the hot Florida sun. These players really love it to play in 95 degree weather!

Wycliffe Bible Translation Discovery Center is an incredible place. Visit for more information on this life changing work. A visit there sure changes your perspective on what is really important in life.

A day with the Stricklen Family is always fun!


The Miller Family said...

Looks like there was some relaxing and some busyness this summer. A little of both is always nice!


Bonnie said...

Well, I am envious (in a non-sinful way!) of that gorgeous hammock! That's my idea of summer fun! Now, for those pool souls who think it's fun to play tennis in 95-degree Florida weather . . .!! Pity, pity, pity!

Nice summer, Stevenses!

Mrs. Frodge


Love those hammocks! Looks like you had a busy, but relaxing summer!