Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My New Project

I recently told my husband that I had a project in mind that I would like to do. He promptly asked me if it involved him and if he would be required to build something. (Our last project was a major bathroom re-do!) I told him yes, but it would be well worth it! So here's the deal. I have been very convicted about the amount of money we are spending on food each month. I would like to be more self reliant when it comes to the food we are consuming. Do we really know where the stuff in the store comes from? I am very concerned about all of the processed food my family is eating and we are eating out way to much! So... I proposed to him that we (OK, he and the boys) construct a long term food storage pantry. I also would like to purchase a wheat grinder and grind my own flour. In the process of researching this, I have found some great resources to help me accomplish my goal. Check out the links on the "Simple Living" tab at the top of this blog. I know some of you are trying very hard live a self-reliant and independent life, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. And so my journey begins...


Berean Families United said...

Hey Kelly,
How exciting!! You shelf unit is awesome!!! We, too, are trying to get a garden going, quite a feat for us city folks!! When you are ready to get a mill, let me know...I should be able to give you a good price. Don't forget we can order grains and such also.
Hope you are well!!
Tracy Graves

Kelly said...

Hey Tracy,
The shelf is not mine...yet! It is actually a photo I found on a food storage site. It's nice to hear from you..I hope everyone is doing well. I 've been keeping up with you via your Blog.:o)


The Miller Family said...

Go, Kelly, Go!

God has laid the same desire for self-reliance on our hearts, and has given us great blessings -- especially in our garden. The reality is that it was much harder at first to grow and make food for my family, but by starting to do a few little things at a time, it has become a regular part of our life. It is so gratifying to eat homemade bread, your own garden veggies, and meat you raised yourself.

May the Lord bless your endeavors.



I am so glad you are inspired! Can't wait to watch as you progress on this journey!
As you know, we have the same heart's desire. It is an exciting and challenging task!
We are accomplishing our goals little by little, but there are so many more things to be done, stored, canned, raised, etc. etc.!!

God bless you!

The Dischers said...

Good for you, Kelly! I know like everything else you tackle, you will tackle this in an organized efficient way!

Like Molly and Katie said, it IS in the small steps, isn't it? We will al just keep plugging along together and prayerfully, year after year, get closer to the goal :)