Tuesday, June 3, 2008

International Student Convention

Matthew, Andrew, my mother and I had quite a road trip over the past 12 days. We made the journey from Florida to Missouri to attend the ACE International Student Convention on the campus of the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Students from all over the world competed in a variety of events including academics, music, platform and athletics. The round trip was approx. 2700 miles, I am pleased to say that I drove every single one of those miles myself! We passed through several states and of course visited many historical sites. (The ultimate homeschool field trip!!) Some one asked me before I left if I had GPS...I have something even better... it is ROB! My husband mapped out my entire trip and if I needed extra help, he was a Nextel call away! I am pleased to say we made it there and back just fine! Here are a few pictures from our trip. Included are pictures of my children in front of state signs. This is a family tradition. Ever since they were little, I have taken photos of them by the signs of every state they have ever been in.

Andrew smiles at the awards ceremony.

Matthew at the awards ceremony with Mr. Howard. He placed 5th for his science project (a mouse trap race car) 4th for his Power Point Presentation and 2nd for Bare Compound Archery.

We were passing through Alabama and Andrew spotted the Krispy Kreme sign that said "Hot Donuts". We had to stop! This peanut buckaroo was outside the donut shop. I thought he was too cute!

Here are all the states we visited on our trip!


Bonnie said...

Kelly, what a nice travelogue! Matthew did a great job, and it is evident that, with the Lord's help, you and Rob have developed a spirit of excellence in his character.

The pictures are wonderful. I love the idea of a picture at each state sign. Unfortunately, I am married to a compulsive stay-on-the-roader -- the best we do for a family tradition is to beep the horn and cheer when we cross into a new state. But, hey, it's our tradition!

Will you be posting some of the other historical sites you visited? Hope so! Glad you are safely home and glad you had a great time together!

Love to all,
Bonnie Frodge

Robin said...

Congratulations to Matthew! Glad y'all had a great trip. Our state-line tradition is to "feel the bump" when we cross the line.
It's fun to read about other folks' family traditions!

Kelly said...

Robin, I must give you the credit for introducing me to the pleasure of hot Krispy Kreme donuts!!

Kitty said...

Looks like ya'll had a good trip. :) How did Matthew like ISC?? :) We always had a lot of fun with it. :) :):) Looks like he did a great job!!! (did he try the PACE Bowl?? :D)

Lizzie said...

Looks loke y'all had a great time. :)
I'm glad y'all enjoyed it. We always do.
It was nice seeing y'all the other day!


hollywoodmom said...

Where did ya'll pass through Alabama?

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with your fellas. Thanks for sharing.


Robin said...

Hey Kelly,
Thanks for the "credit"! I almost wrecked the van last week in Orlando when I saw that the HOT sign was on--LOL! Emily and I spoke of you as we enjoyed our treats :-) Now that she's in the Orlando orchestra, we'll be passing by the KK every Sunday!!!
Hmmm....could be dangerous......

Dischers said...

Congratulations, Matthew! You did an excellent job! I know it isn't easy to place at Internationals.

Looks like you all had a wonderful trip and, hey, you made it back without Rob there to guide you...just Rob's directions!

Love you all!

MrPen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this year's ISC. As a staff member, it's nice to know you and many others are impacted by God's blessings during this premier event. Don't forget to reflect on what He has spoken to you during the rallies! We hope to see you in Kentucky next year!

Very nice blog!