Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Philosophy of Education

A few years ago, I completed a CEU course on “Developing a Philosophy of Education”. This was primarily for a classroom situation, but it really made me stop and think about my goals of homeschooling my children. There are often many roads that will take us to the same destination, but without a road map, we might just drive around looking for where we want to go and never actually get there! Actually writing down our “philosophy” has really helped us define some specific goals for our children and our homeschool.

Our Philosophy of Education

To base all knowledge on the Word of God and to apply Bible principals to every phase of learning through all subjects areas.

*Social Studies (the study of God’s dealing with mankind)

*Science (the study of God’s work in the physical world)

* Bible (the study of God’s laws and how they operate in the spiritual world)

*Math (the study of God’s absolutes and unchanging laws)

* Language Arts (the study of the skills necessary for discovering God’s truth)

To teach discernment, responsibility, and self-discipline in a controlled environment where each child can grow and learn.

To provide academic knowledge, and to broaden social
awareness of those in need.

To teach Christian character and attitudes.

To encourage growth and habits in areas that natural ability may not occur in order to develop a well balanced individual.

To recognize the uniqueness of each child and glorify God thru developing God-given gifts and talents in each individual student.

To provide a nurturing environment that meets the needs of each child as they prepare for a useful occupation and service.


Bonnie said...

Kelly, I really like your articulated philosophy. Everyone's life is based on their philosophy, whether they realize it or not. Putting it in black and white like this helps keep focused, doesn't it? Your children don't realize how blessed they are to have such a devoted mother! But they will rise up and call you blessed!

Bonnie said...

Well, now I have been thinking . . . maybe they do know how blessed they are! They are good boys who appreciate you!