Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Gluten Free Journey

I have been gluten free for the past 4 months. It has been quite a journey. I feel SO much better and many of the health problems I had been experiencing have disappeared. 

I have learned many things along the way that I wanted to share...

~ I personally do not like anything that has bean flour in it. The texture is OK, but I just do not like the flavor at all!

~ A great substitute for wheat pasta is corn pasta. My family likes the texture and flavor more than pasta made from rice. It cooks and taste more like the wheat pasta we were used to eating.

~ Eating out can be tricky. I have a couple of apps on my phone with gluten free options at restaurants. I have found this to be very helpful. I have "accidentally" eaten a few things (like mashed potatoes!) that had wheat in them and got sick. The apps eliminate the guess work of determining whether something is gluten free. If you don't have access to the apps, many restaurants have gluten free menus, but you need to ask.

~ Read labels. I have been amazed at the items that had wheat in them. I had no idea that soy sauce had gluten in it! I now read everything!

~ Check your local stores for gluten free options. Our local Walmart has a gluten free section. We also have a store in our area, Publix, that labels the the shelves with a green GF stickers that let you know quickly it is gluten free. These items are located throughout the store. Of course Whole Foods is a great place to shop as well!

I am still continuing to learn how to eat and cook differently. My next challenge is a trip we are planning. We will be flying to our destination so I will not be able to bring many items from home. I am planning on buying a cooler when we get there and making a trip to the store. I am also already researching restaurants in the area that will make eating easier for me. 

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JES said...

That must be a tough change. I have had some family members do it and we are coming up with new recipes all the time which is kinda fun. It is a challenge but if you feel better than it is worth it! :)