Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Shopping is a Pleasure!

I have been shopping at the Publix in Auburndale for over 25 years. During my weekly trips to the store, I have developed relationships with several of the employees. Their is one cashier whose line I almost always checkout in. Her name is Cheryl and over the last few years we have become friends. She always has a great attitude and always asks about my family. Lately, Rob has been shopping with me, which usually means extra cookies and ice cream, but that's another story! One week he wasn't with me because he was sick and she was so concerned about him. She gave me good advise on what I should give him to get him well. The next week she remembered he had been sick and was so happy to see him out and about.

Last week, Cheryl went above and beyond her duties of checking us out. We were chatting, as usual, and as she was ringing up my groceries, I realized I was missing my credit card. Of course I began to panic, trying to remember the last time I had used it and was frantically digging through my purse looking for it. About that time, she pulled out her own debit card and offered to pay for my groceries! Wow! I was blown away! I was so moved by her act of kindness. After some more digging, I did finally find my card. But I will always remember the way she was willing to help me out!

If you do happen to be shopping at the Auburndale Publix, make sure you go through my friend Cheryl's checkout lane. She is the one with the smile on her face. I promise she will make your day a little brighter!


Abigail said...

We all know Publix is the greatest grocery store ever! (right, Amanda? ;P;P) Can't be beat! :D I LOVE Publix! :D Thanks for the post, Aunt Kelly! <3 :D


Amanda said...

That's right, Abbo! ;)

What a sweet story! Can't beat those friendly Publix employees. :)

Hope to see y'all soon!