Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a ...Bosch!

Look what arrived at my house this morning!
Can't wait to start using it!


Bonnie said...

Kelly, that's wonderful! I know you will love it. My mouth is watering for all the yummy things you will be whipping up. (Hint, hint!)

Mrs. Frodge, who has
gotten way too slack about
baking, since my little
granddaughter-angels always
bring me a sample of what
they're "whipping up"!

Bonnie said...

Kelly, the bread you brought to Sunday dinner today was wonderful! Your Bosch is doing its job well! Keep up the good work, and save us a little every now and then, if you can keep Rob and Matthew from demolishing a loaf at a time!

Really good bread!

Mrs. Frodge

The Dischers said...

Woo Hoo! Kelly! Sooo happy for you and so proud of how you've taken all this new territory and run with it!