Wednesday, May 12, 2010

South Florida Jr State Convention

A few weeks ago we traveled to Ft. Pierce to attend the ACE South Florida Jr. State Convention. Andrew entered several events including Photography, Violin String Solo, 100 yard dash, Science Engineering (he made a light bulb), Famous Speech ("The Gettysburg Address") Spelling, Power Point, Short Story Writing and Checkers. He had a wonderful time competing and making new friends.

Andrew performed "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing as a "Command Performance".

Anna, Kaela, Andrew and James just being themselves!

Andrew and Brother Richard have been good friends for the past 4 years and are always so glad to see each other.


The Miller Family said...

Congratulations, Andrew, on another successful Jr. State!

I think that sign you're standing next to is sinking a little bit every year. Oh, wait! Maybe you're getting taller and taller!

God Bless,

Mrs. Miller

The Dischers said...

Oh! Andrew! You "dun us proud" once again :)

Keep up the great work. I guess the convention was later in the year this year? Gave you more time to work on everything huh?

Hope to see you in July!

The Dischers

Bonnie said...

Andrew, we are so proud of you! We miss being there to see all your accomplishments! And Mrs. Miller's comment is way too true!

God bless you and your family in all you are doing to become the man God wants you to be.

With Love,
Mrs. Frodge

The Stricklen Family said...

Waaah! I miss Jr. State! Looks like you did a great job, Andrew, as always! Was this your last year of Jr. State?