Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Matthew's Last Youth Fair

2010 marked Matthew's very last Polk County Youth Fair. After (sigh) 9 years of horticulture, whip popping contests, chili cook offs and other projects, his Youth Fair days have come to an end. Several other members of our 4-H Club are also saying good-bye to the Youth Fair. Some are graduating and others are moving away. So this year was bitter sweet for us all. We had a wonderful time and are so thankful to everyone that came out for the Whip Popping Contest. Matthew didn't place this year, but having our friends come out to support him was so much better than a trophy! (Perkins was pretty fun too!)

Andrew, Margaret, Matthew and CJ.

William is one crazy cowboy!

Horticulture Judging is a Stevens/ Stricklen Family tradition. We have been doing this together for years! We were so glad Markie could join us this year too!

Matthew finally (after years of coming in 2nd place) won 1st place in the Seniors. Andrew won 1st in the Juniors.



Great job, Matthew! We thought he deserved to place in whip popping. Yes, all those years Horticulture Judging together have been great! But at some time that Youth Fair experience (among others) has to come to an end! We are very proud of his accomplishments. He is quite talented in many areas.


The Miller Family said...

Well, Matthew, it sounds like you had a great ending to your Youth Fair days. First place in Horticulture Judging is quite an accomplishment! Wish we could have been there for whip popping!

Mrs. Miller