Sunday, April 19, 2009

ACE Regional Student Convention

This past week Matthew attended the ACE Regional Student Convention at Word of Life in Hudson, Florida. It was a wonderful week of competitions, uplifting Biblical teaching and making new friends. We had a great time and Matthew did very well. He qualified to compete in several events at the International Convention at the University of Central Missouri. Rob bought plane tickets today so off we go the end of May to ISC!! (We are still trying to figure out how to get the Science Project, a Tesla Coil, there!) The highlight for us was when Matthew read his essay "Socialism in America" as a Command Performance at the awards ceremony. Thank you Mrs. Frodge for your helpful comments...he is ready for ISC!!

Matthew won 1st place in the tennis tournament.

Matthew and Michael after the match.

The gang from West Meadows. (I think the guy under the jacket must be in the Witness Protection Program!)

Practicing Table Tennis

Matthew read his essay as a Command Performance at the Awards Ceremony.


Mr Lee said...
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The Dischers said...

We are SO proud of Matthew!!! Wow!
I read that essay and it was so well-written. I could just sense his genuine concern for his country. Keep it up, Matthew.

We sure hope you do great at ISC. If we can help out with getting that project out there (taking it to South MO for you) let us know :)

God Bless!
Mrs. Discher for The Dischers

Bonnie said...

Matthew, you have done a wonderful job in the step of your progress toward becoming the Christian leader God is preparing you for (umm . . . the lady who slashes up young people's essays needs a little editing herself, huh? What a sentence!)

It was certainly a pleasure to read and analyze your essay. The thoughts were so well organized, and it was convincing on many levels. Thank you for taking the time to hone this skill -- it will be a mighty weapon in the future (you know, the pen is mightier than the sword, and all that?)

We are sure sorry we didn't get to enjoy the convention with you all -- that has always been so special to us.

May the Lord bless you as you go forward with your preparations. And we sure hope you enjoy your trip to MO -- don't know when we will get up that way again -- two times this year already is enough for Dr. Frodge for a while! Maybe you will get down to see the Millers -- I know they would love it!

In His Love,
Mrs. Frodge

The Miller Family said...

Congratulations, Matthew! It looks like you did fantastic!

Kelly, would you consider posting Matthew's essay? I would love to read it!

BTW: If you can make your way down to good ol' Arkansas, we'd love to see y'all!

Mrs. Miller


Yes - Matthew's essay was so well written. It is encouraging to know these young men have such a heart for their country based on Biblical principles.
That was GREAT that they had him read it.
We all missed being at Regionals! Looks like Matthew did very well. We are proud of you, Matthew!
You finally claimed the Tennis title as well!
Thanks for the update.
God bless you all,

The Stricklens

PS Come by and see us sometime!


I don't know why I put "these young men". I was referring to Matthew and his essay, but in my mind I was thinking of all these young men in our circle who believe likewise :)
Please forgive!