Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew!

When Matthew was 2 years old, Rob built him a "fort" for his birthday. Over the years, it has been played on by my children and their friends. A few weeks ago we were sitting in the backyard talking about what we should do for Andrew's 11th birthday. Matthew mentioned that he always wanted to build on to the "fort" and build a real tree house up in the oak tree. So it was decided! Matthew (with Rob's help) would build a tree house for Andrew's 11th birthday. Their was much discussion about the design and engineering. Geometry and Physics were involved! Here are a few photos of the project. Thank you Matthew....big brothers rock!

The original "fort".

Rob strung lights in the tree house. Their has been talk of camping up there!


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Wow, what a neat birthday gift! Leave to those engineering types to come up with something so exciting, yet doable! Hope you have lots of fun up there and get to camp up there a few times. Of course, the ole granny in me wouldn't be normal if I didn't say -- "Be careful up there!" (I know you will!)

Have a wonderful celebration.

The Frodges

The Dischers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Andrew!!!! That countdown thing really works!

11 years old - WOW! We hope your birthday was a VERY happy one. We love the tree-house! Bet you'll have tons of fun in it. It's really impressive and will probably even withstand the next hurricane :)

The Dischers


Happy Belated Birthday, Andrew! The fort looks GREAT!! CJ will be very jealous ;)
He will be sure and join you up there the next time we are over!

Kelly, he really shouldn't be 11 you know! How does that happen so quickly??

See you soon!