Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goodbye Grandfather Oak

When we moved into our 1940's house 21 years ago, we had 8 beautiful oak trees on the property. They were home to birds, squirrels, frogs and lizards. Hey, we have even spotted a possum or two up in our trees! In the past few years we have lost a few of these grand old trees. The first was lost to a tornado. The 2nd was diseased. And the third one was uprooted during the summer of 2004 when Hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jean visited central Florida. Recently we lost yet another of our trees. A beautiful Live Oak. We were amazed at how quickly this majestic tree died. It was located behind our barn right next to the blueberry green house. To make things even more fun, the power line ran through part of it. We realized it was dangerous and had to come down. Here our a few photos of what is left of this "grand old gentleman" that once provided shade and shelter. I guess the good thing is that we will have plenty of firewood this winter.

also known as "Chain Saw Man" is ready to get started.

Andrew climbs the tree!


The Dischers said...

Oh! That is so sad to lose a grand oak. It is like losing a friend. I know we have one that we need to take down. Did you all take it down yourselves?

Hey! I love the new blog look :)How are the cats doing? Or should I say, How is Rob doing? ha ha

Hope to see you soon! At the tea maybe?


Robin said...

Wow, so sorry about losing the tree. I'm glad that you were able to get it down before it fell and did any damage. It will certainly change the look of your place.

Bonnie said...

Oh, how sad! We lost most of the big oaks around our house from Charlie, too. It sure takes a while to get used to the difference! Glad some good can come of it -- firewood is good! We had a sawyer bring his mill to our property, and we got some good planks from our downed trees.

God bless the Stevens family!

Mrs. Frodge


Those teenage boys just LOVE power tools, don't they??
Hey, he did a great job!
It is a shame you lost the tree, but they can't last forever :(