Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What We've Been Up to Lately

Back in November, we had the privilege to attend the premier of The Mysterious Islands at the IMAX Theatre in Tampa. We had a wonderful evening with friends watching a remarkable movie.

CJ, Andrew and Abby ready to watch the movie.

William, is that sweet tea in that cup?

Andrew patiently waited for Mr. Phillips to sign his movie poster.

Andrew working on the new back porch roof.

"Construction Man" Matthew!

Christmas time is concert time. Andrew plays his violin with Suzuki Strings at the Lakeland Center.


Franklin Family said...

It was so wonderful spending time with you Saturday at the birthday tea. I hope that after we get settled in our new home our families will get to spend more time together.
PS Daniel has a new best friend in Andrew

Kelly said...

Andrew had a great time hanging out with Daniel. We would love to get together with ya'll again real soon!


The Dischers said...

That was a super movie and a fun night, wasn't it?

I hope to see your new room before we take off to MO for good. It will be so nice for you to have all that extra storage! What a blessing to have sons that can help with the building of it!

We are so proud of Andrew! He plays so nicely! All those hours of practice eventually pay off don't they?