Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Gift of Knowledge

Rob stopped by our local library the other day to pick up a few books I reserved. While he was there, one of the librarians ask if he knew anyone interested in a set of 2003 World Book Encyclopedias. He quickly called me and asked me if I wanted them. Of course I said YES!! The ones we have now are Rob's set he had as a child from the 1970's! It's funny to think that he used them when he was growing up, Rob and I both used them when we were in college and our children have used them many times for research. (Matthew used to read them just for fun!) I know I can purchase a encyclopedia on CD and of course you can research anything online, but I like the idea of holding the book in your hand, of looking up the information and following the "bunny trail" of knowledge as something else on the page gets your attention. So I am in the process of packing up the 1970 set and replacing them on the shelf with the new edition. I will not part with the old ones. They are like an old friend. But I will pack them carefully so that future generations of the Stevens Family can take a peak at the past.


Bonnie said...

Oh Kelly, that is a wonderful unexpected gift! I know that feeling of spending hours reading the encyclopedia.

My parents bought a World Book set when I was about 10 (we were very poor, but they made the sacrifice, and I love them for it!), and I used to lay on my tummy on the floor and just read . . . and read.

You are right about the "bunny trails" ... how exciting to find page after page of interesting articles. People call me the "Trivia Queen", and that's where my love for trivia came from!

So glad you have a new set, but, like you, I wouldn't part with the old ones, either!

Mrs. Frodge,
who loves your fall patchwork!

The Miller Family said...

Ahhh, there's nothing like reading the encycolpedia or dictionary! You never know quite where you'll end up, but it's always so much fun getting there!(Unless you have a book report due the next day and it ISN'T about Croatia!)


The Dischers said...

I too have fond memories of reading the encyclopedia. When my parents would talk late into the night at my grandparents' home, and we kids had to lay down. We were always so glad to get out those same encyclopedias and just drink in all the neat information -lots of stuff we probably would never have actually thought to look up!

We had a 1976 set given to us and one or two volumes are out EVERY lunch break!


Beatrix Potter said...


I can't agree more with everyone! It was always so much fun reading the encyclopedia ~ I remember just as Beth remembers.
What an unexpected blessing!