Monday, February 16, 2009

College Road Trip Part 2

On January 31st, Matthew was invited to visit Florida Southern College for a college preview day. This school is in Lakeland, Florida, about 20 minutes away from home. Matthew was pretty impressed! The head of the math and computer department invited him to come to the college and sit through a few classes. He plans to take them up on thier offer. We had a very insightful day. At this point, the biggest problem we see with Florida Southern is that most of the buildings were designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright who apparently was a very short individual. Matthew stands at 6'1", so he had to duck a few times as we walked the hallways!

The "Southern Geek" arrives on campus!

Andrew makes friends with the mascot, "The Moccasin"!

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The Dischers said...

That's funny about the ceiling height! I guess he would have to consider dealing with that a LOT if he chose Florida Southern. Pete can sympathize. He has to duck every time he goes through the door going into his room in "this old house"!

I bet Florida Southern would love to get this sharp, independent thinker on their team! It would sure be nice for him to be so close, right?