Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Day At Kennedy Space Center

The day after Thanksgiving was "Space Friday" for our family. We got up early and headed not to the mall, but to Kennedy Space Center. The men in my family all LOVE science and technology , so they were excited about the trip. My dad took my sister and I to watch Apollo 13 launch when I was a little girl, so he was thrilled to share the experince with his grandsons.
Besides touring the facility, we also watched two IMAX movies. One about the International Space Station and one about traveling to the moon. Sound boring? I forgot to mention that they were 3D movies! ! I have decided that the early astronauts were either really brave or really crazy!! (Matthew is ready to sign up!) It was a fun day.

Andrew and his robot friend.

Matthew stands at the bottom of the massive Saturn V rocket that was used for the Apollo Missions.

Many of the astronauts are Boy Scouts.

Matthew boards the G Force simulator...the rest of us watched!


The Dischers said...

What a fun day!

That's so nice that your dad could share it with you. Investing in the future...can't wait to see how the Lord ends up using these boys!

God Bless!

The Miller Family said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. I forgot how much really neat stuff there is at the Space Center...it's been ages since I've been there.



We went there when we were young as well. It is a great place!
I am sure Matthew was in HEAVEN there.