Monday, April 14, 2008

Andrew Earns His Bear!

My son Andrew is following a family tradition. His dad is an Eagle Scout and Andrew wants to be one too! He has a few years to go...however this year he earned his Bear Rank in Cub Scouts. He will advance to Webelos next year. We are so proud of him! Here is Andrew, Rob and his Den Leader at the Blue and Gold Banquet.


hollywoodmom said...

Hey STevens,

Your blog looks great. Easy to keep up with you guys. I'll add you to mine and visit you often.

From the Mercks

Bonnie said...

Oh, Kelly, how nice! We just came in the house from bidding the Millers goodbye -- they are leaving for Arkansas tonight! And when I sat down to read email, there you were! What a cheerful day-brightener! Everything looks great, and we will love being able to keep up with you. God bless the Stevens family!

Dischers said...

I love your blog - pretty in pink! If the boys don't like it they can make a blog in camo, right? Hey, maybe they did and we just can't find it! ha ha I know, that was corny.

You have to put your title as "4-H leader of the best club in the county" in your profile!

Thanks for sending us the link!



Hey, Kelly! Welcome to the blogging world!! Looks great. We look forward to keeping up with your busy life through your blog -- but let's not forget to sit down and have some sweet (or not so sweet for me) tea in REAL life sometime :)